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    "Governments only find the courage and resources to do the right thing when business takes the lead." - Kofi Annan
    Within the next few years most companies and organizations measure their success on a triple bottom line - People, Planet, Profit! We believe sustainability pays off - it is all about "thinking" sustainability into the daily tasks and processes.

What does sustainable growth mean?

Growth is part of most company objectives but growth requires financial strength and profitability. However this is no longer an adequate assumption for healthy business in a globalized world, where information disperses at lightning speed through internet, mobile phones and television. A proper earning is not even sufficient for short term survival.

Climate change, pollution, natural disasters, social and economical unrest and the like generate an increasing awareness regarding the necessity of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). In only a few days the media or NGO’s can transform successful product and service marketing into disaster. This is a threat - however it can just as well be seen as a golden opportunity for differentiation and competitive advantages.

Creating sustainable business today also involve your active response to environmental issues, emission of greenhouse gasses, waste and reuse or recycling. You need to keep track of chemicals and optimize working processes, design and energy consumption. You have to take on the responsibility for production and use of chemicals - even if production takes place in Far East or Africa, and you need to have a policy for communication and social responsibility.

Denmark has a unique position for creating business around sustainability and environmental protection. We have global leading companies within renewable energy, supply infrastructure, automation, transportation, bio- and environmental-technology. Furthermore for decades we have built up know-how in public administration and in service industries like IT, consulting and consultative engineering business. "Whoever has the ability also has the duty" a well-known Danish executive once said! The increasing focus on sustainability we have seen the recent years very well can be the shift in paradigm which create future growth and wealth - in Denmark as well as globally.

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