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With a well established network and 30 years experience bbconsult.dk has a pragmatic approach to new assignments, but always with clear focus on sustainability and customer value – a task is not finished with the paper work done, but only when the results are measurable facts. We can offer:

  • Consulting
  • Useful support e.g. for implementation, execution and follow up
  • Resources reinforcement and interim management
  • Coaching, mentoring and advisory board

  • Typical areas of support:

  • Business strategy and development, growth planning, profitability
  • Sales, account management, customer/supplier relation optimization
  • Starting up new business, reorganizing and company mergers
  • Contract negotiation and business agreements
  • Challenges in project and program management
  • 360 degree business strategy analysis (ValuePerform certified Partner)

  • If one of the following situations seem familiar to you it might be worth taking an informal contact to us:

  • Our business is not growing the way we want it to
  • We prepare a lot of proposals but lose the order in the last minute
  • We get to many complaints from our clients
  • We do not have the earning we need on our business - or even lose money!
  • I am not sure our product portfolio is the right one
  • Our suppliers do not deliver as promised
  • Our IT systems do not support our business
  • Too many projects are slipping in time schedule, budget or simply do not deliver what we
  • We have a lack of management resources
  • We are going to buy a company, to merge or to reorganize the business
  • I am going to start my own business
  • I am alone with the management responsibility, I need someone for sparring or coaching
  • My time is spent on daily tasks, I never get the time to strategic planning

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