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About bbconsult.dk

Denmark is one of the best places in the world to start your own business, and every month 2-3.000 new companies are established! Very few companies become a real growth company, and unfortunately a lot of companies have to close down again. Several hundred companies go bankrupt each month. A lot of bankruptcies were avoided if business managers in due time called for professional expertise to support their business. A lot of value and workplaces were to be saved!

Government and public authorities makes large investments in growth initiatives and even have funding programs for growth companies to get professionals to assist. Also local business networks and regional "Greenhouses" are established to support business growth.

bbconsult.dk was established to encourage sustainability and business growth. Our mission is to support our clients with business and management consulting, coaching and interim management to achieve long term profitable as well as sustainable business - we are engineering sustainability into the daily tasks and processes according to the UN Global Compact.

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